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Ochre Pictures work, show posters

Our Work

Ochre Pictures has produced various works ranging from drama shows, to documentaries, to lifestyle programmes. We have partnered the National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Disney, Playhouse Disney, MediaCorp, meWATCH, and tvN to name a few.




2023, English, 10 episodes

The prequel to award-winning Last Madame, Sisters of the Night tells the story of Nozomi, a young Japanese girl who rises to become the top karayuki-san in Malaya while secretly working as a spy for Japan. She befriends Qing Ling, a young Chinese girl trying to escape from her life of oppressive luxury, who will be betrayed by her lover and thrown into prostitution. How will the two girls support each other and make it out alive in the patriarchal colony of the 1920s?
silent walls tv show poster

2023, Mandarin, 20 episodes

A mysterious house hides 4 decades of family secrets. With every family generation that moves in, someone doesn’t make it out alive.
justice boo tv show poster

2021, Mandarin, 1 episode

After over 900 years serving in Hell’s Courts, Justice Bao visits the mortal realm on a mission. He teams up with a mercenary female psychic to solve supernatural mysteries in this modern retelling of the legendary Justice Bao.
echoes of time tv show poster

2015, Mandarin, 4 episodes

Xing Yue, a history student in Singapore in search of her missing fiancé, stumbles into a passage across time. After meeting a resistance fighter in the 1940s, Kun Hua, she embarks on a journey through major historical events, navigating not just history but a growing romance between her and Kun Hua.
third rail tv show poster

2022, English, 12 episodes

A routine train ride goes horribly wrong when a sinister group hijacks the train. Beyond the action, the passengers' secrets and dark sides are revealed in this nail-biting action-thriller series.
mind jumper tv show poster

2021, Mandarin, 20 episodes

A woman gains a mind-reading ability from radiotherapy, becoming an essential asset to CFI investigative team in this Chinese-language drama.
the circle house tv movie poster

2015, English, Telemovie

Magic, murder, and misdirection.
A young girl trying to earn her stripes as a magician disguises herself as a man to enter the exclusive male-only Circle House of magicians. However, can she survive this world of bitter rivalries?
S.P.Y. special police youth unit tv show poster

2022, Malay, 13 episodes

A police officer searches for answers to his sister's disappearance, uncovering secrets along the way in this Malay-language drama series.
last madame tv show poster

2019, English, 12 episodes

This award-winning drama tells the story of the last brothel owner, Fung Lan, in 1940s Singapore. A story interweaving the past and the present, Fung Lan's great-granddaughter must now decide the fate of the abandoned brothel and grapple with her roots and history.
Cooking Without Clothes tv movie poster

2010, Mandarin, Telemovie

Jia Ying, a TV producer, resolves to turn Jeff, an ex-engineer pursuing his dream as a professional chef, into an up and coming celebrity chef in this Chinese-language romantic telemovie.
lion mums season 4 tv show poster

2015-2021, English,

4 seasons, 72 episodes

One of Singapore's most successful English drama series, Lion Mums follows the lives of several quintessential Singaporean mothers as they navigate the minefields of Singapore’s highly competitive education, amidst challenging personal life circumstances.
the fifth floor tv show poster

2018, English 13 episodes

A young woman attempts to unearth the disappearance of her twin sister who went missing years ago, finding herself engulfed in a deadly conspiracy that has threatened everyone she loves.
The Leap Years tv movie poster

2008, English, Feature Film

It’s love at first sight for Li-ann and Jeremy when they meet on February 29, 1980. A promise to meet at the same time and place every leap year pushes Li-ann and Jeremy to realize the pain of love and their true desires.

Lion Mums—Tribes

2019, English, 10 episodes

Anak Ayah

2019, Malay, Telemovie


2018, English, 10 episodes


2017, Malay, 8 episodes

Alam Maya

2016, Malay, 8 episodes


2015, Mandarin, 6 episodes


2014, English, 13 episodes

Of Love & Hidden Charms

2012, English, 8 episodes

Selamat Malam Maria

2012, Malay, 8 episodes

Nenek Queen Control

2012, Malay, 8 episodes

Perfect Deception

2011, English, 12 episodes


2011, Malay, 8 episodes

Balik Sekolah

2011, Malay, 8 episodes

Love 50%

2010, Mandarin, Telemovie
2010, Malay, 8 episodes


2009, Malay, 2 seasons, 14 episodes

Princess & Jurukamera

Art & El

2010, Malay, 8 episodes


2008, English, 7 episodes

Bride Out of Order

2007, English, Telemovie

In Her Prime

2007, English, Telemovie
2004, Mandarin, 13 episodes



2004, English, Telemovie


2003, English, Telemovie
2003, English, Telemovie

Trouble In Law

The Marriage Factor

2002, English, Telemovie


2000, English, 13 episodes


This Way Up Poster Landscape.jpg


2024, English, 3 episodes

Join the resilient journey with three fearless long-haul truck drivers as they navigate treacherous terrains and the high-altitude mountain passes of China and India in order to bring essential goods and commodities to remote communities. 
Live Free.jfif


2023, English, 4 episodes

This series embarks on the empowering journeys of five resilient Singaporeans, each navigating unique disabilities, as they strive to live life on their own terms while making a difference in the world.
confessions of a crime documentary series poster


2011, English, 2 seasons, 15 episodes

Hear the stories of Singapore’s most wanted criminals. Confessions of A Crime tells the true stories of real criminals based on exclusive interviews and first person testimonials.
There Was A Time documentary series poster


2013-2016, English, 3 seasons, 18 episodes

This docudrama trilogy series showcases the popular beliefs and events from 1940s to 2000s Singapore. From cockroach remedies to the ruling of secret societies and the economic recessions, There Was A Time captures the essence of the olden days in Singapore via re-enactments and in-person interviews.
The Maverick Chef documentary series poster


2011, English, 7 episodes

Singapore’s national identity is undeniably intertwined with food. In a culture where locals have perfected their iconic dishes, is there still room for Alvin to bring his craft to the table?
Only The Brave documentary series poster


2014, English, 6 episodes

‘Only The Brave’ delves into the lives of people whose occupations put them in dangerous situations on a daily basis. What is the life of a tower crane operator, bird’s nest collector, stuntman, deep-sea diver, oil rig rigger and coal miner like? How can they inspire us?
super science 2 documentary series poster


2008-2011, English, 2 seasons, 16 episodes

Super Science is a science documentary series that uncovers groundbreaking scientific topics around the world in an accessible way. Topics include food farming technology in the U.S., unmanned military planes in Israel, hologram technology in Japan, and much more.
2007, English, 1 episode

Dress Thailand

Against All Odds

2006, English, 13 episodes

Beauty Past Perfect

2006, English, 8 episodes
2005, English, 1 episode

Trading Faces

Crossings - Olivia Lum

2005, English, 1 episode

Fair Match

2003, English, 13 episodes

Faces of Changi

2003, English, 2 episodes

On The Pulse

2001, English, 26 episodes

The Fire Starters

2012, Mandarin, 9 episodes

The Property Hunters

2011, English, 8 episodes
2011, English, 1 episode

Tycoons of Asia: Ho Kwon Ping

Love Letters To Earth

2010, English, 6 episodes

Love, Marriage
& Sex In The City

2010, English, 2 episodes

A Tale of Four Cities

2008, English, 8 episodes


2018, English, 6 episodes


so stylo programme poster

so stylo!

2022, Malay, 10 episodes

In this reality competition, 12 talented designer hopefuls go head-to-head to be the top local designer in modest wear fashion! From street wear, athletic gear to the iconic baju kurung, designers take on different themes and come up with original designs that appeal to our modest wearing community today.
Mr Zhou's Ghost Stories @ Singapore Sightings programme poster

周公讲鬼, 哪里有鬼?

Mr zhou's ghost stories
@ singapore sightings

2022, Mandarin, 8 episodes

In the depths of the night, Dennis Chew aka Mr Zhou invites his celebrity friends and fellow Singaporeans to share their true, firsthand local ghostly encounters, and they revisit the sites together to further investigate the supernatural entities that live among us.
Travel Diaries programme poster


travel diaries

2020, Mandarin, 6 episodes

Six celebrities share intimate stories on their most memorable trips abroad. Join them as they relive fond memories and share the impact different places had on them.


2022, English, 11 episodes

Accidental Chef

2010, English, 8 episodes


2020, English, 8 episodes
2010, English, 6 episodes

Different Faces

I Will Survive

2009, Mandarin, 10 episodes

Get It Beauty On
The Road Singapore

2019, Korean, Mandarin, 4 episodes

Super Seniors

2016, English, 13 episodes

Demi Cinta

2016, Malay, 8 episodes

Artist in Residence

2012, English, 8 episodes

Chakia & Sneakers

2007-2012, English, 2 seasons, 14 episodes

Tiket Untuk Dua

2011, Malay, 8 episodes


2008, English, 10 episodes

Beyond Physical

2008, English, 8 episodes

Appetizing Adventures

2007, English, 8 episodes

Urban Escape

2005-2006, English, 2 seasons, 23 episodes

Art of Health

2006, English, 10 episodes

Hope for Tomorrow

2006, Mandarin, 2 episodes


2004, English, 13 episodes
Children's Programmes

Children's Programmes

diary of amos lee TV show poster



2020-2023, Drama, Mandarin, 2 seasons, 26 episodes

Based on the hit book series by Adeline Foo, this offbeat tween dramedy follows Amos Lee in his comical exploits in secondary school.
Brain Juice TV show poster


2010-2012, Gameshow, English, 2 seasons, 24 episodes

Brain Juice is an engaging, educational and entertaining kids game show that promotes an all-rounded education in our children. Each episode sees students from a particular school engage in friendly games that will challenge them mentally and physically! 
scrum tigers TV show poster


2019, Drama, English, 15 episodes

Four boys are recruited into an average rugby team for a shot at winning the Tumasik Cup rugby challenge trophy. But with drama and troubles surrounding their team, coach and teachers, can the boys overcome the odds when everything is stacked against them?
Ubin Boy TV show poster


2006-2008, Drama, English, 3 seasons, 26 episodes

City boy Steven is forced to spend the holidays in an old kampong house in Pulau Ubin surrounded by mosquitoes, trees and nothing else. He has to learn to get along with his prankster cousin Ah Boy and the feisty Xiaomin, as the trio undertake one great adventure after another. 

Make Me A Super TV show poster


2016, Infotainment, English, 13 episodes

Can you imagine flying like superman? Being strong like the Hulk? Shrinking like Ant Man? Join our hosts as they decide that imagination is not enough and take you on their adventures on how to use science to Make Me A Super!
Robbie & the book of tales TV show poster


2000-2002, Drama, English, 2 seasons, 26 episodes

Robbie, the reluctant guardian of the Book of Tales, has to guard Fairy-Tale land and prevent evil forces from wiping out story endings. Together with bold and quick-witted Liane, they embark on an adventure to uncover the whereabouts of Robbie’s missing father.


2013, Drama, English, 9 episodes

The Badge

2013, Reality, English, 8 episodes

Under 18

2013, Infotainment, English, 6 episodes

Block 007

2010, Drama, Mandarin, 13 episodes

The Seekers

2009, Drama, English, 10 episodes

Sport Swap

2009, Shorts, English, 7 episodes

Handy Manny Helpers

2008, Shorts, English, 10 episodes


2007-2008, Drama, English, 2 seasons, 20 episodes

Different Strokes

2008, Infotainment, English, 13 episodes

Little Coach

2007, Infotainment, English, 8 episodes
2007, Drama, Mandarin, 13 episodes

Money Meg

Kids Edventure

2006, Infotainment, Mandarin, 13 episodes
2005, Drama, English, 7 episodes

Sports On!

Looking for Nathaniel

2004, Drama, English, 13 episodes
2001, Gameshow, English, 7 episodes


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