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Ochre Pictures Sisters of the Night filming behind the scenes

Who We Are

Ochre Pictures has been forging a path of innovation in creative content since its inception in 2000. We created the first local kids drama to quadruple ratings and the first M18 series for our local broadcaster, the first Singapore drama to be nominated at the International Emmy’s, and the first local series to win Best Asian Drama at the prestigious Asia Contents Awards. 

Ochre Pictures Last Madame filming behind the scenes

Our creatives, fondly known as Ochreans, have engaged and enriched people around the world through our thought-provoking content. Our works have not only won multiple regional and international awards, but also reached millions of audiences in more than 30 countries. 

Ochre Pictures There Was a Time filming behind the scenes


"Only create content that you will be proud to share with those closest and dearest to you."

- Jean Yeo, Founder and Creative Director

Ochre Pictures Lion Mums Season 2 filming behind the scenes

What Sets Us Apart

Our creatives are specialists skilled in the craft of storytelling—from words to visuals to sounds. We have witnessed firsthand the profound impact that exceptional content can have on audiences: it can transcend cultural boundaries and touch people's hearts worldwide.

Ochre Pictures Last Madame filming behind the scenes

With your target audience at the core of all we do, our powerful storytelling skills will help you craft a strong narrative for your brand. We’ll work with you to discover and portray your brand culture and values. With 800 hours of content under our belt and the brains behind some of the most-viewed content in Singapore and beyond, we can elicit emotional and physical responses in a way like no other. We'll craft your story.

Ochre Pictures team

Meet the Ochreans

Our Team
Jean Yeo Ochre Pictures Creative Director and Showrunner
Jean Yeo

Creative Director / Showrunner

Pedro Tan Ochre Pictures Managing Director
Pedro Tan

Managing Director

Geraldine Phua Ochre Pictures Head of Content Development and Executive Producer
Geraldine Phua

Head of Content Development / Executive Producer

Rowena Loh Ochre Pictures Executive Producer and Director
Rowena Loh

Executive Producer / Director

Loh Kok Hong Ochre Pictures Senior Producer and Director
Loh Kok Hong

Senior Producer / Director

Jeroin “Weng” Salvador Ochre Pictures Head of Post Production and Producer
Jeroin “Weng” Salvador

Head of Post Production / Producer

Kate Yi-En Feng Ochre Pictures Senior Writer and Producer
Kate Yi-En Feng

Senior Writer / Producer

Eve Koo Ochre Pictures Producer and Production Manager
Eve Koo

Producer / Production Manager

Sim Jin Lin Ochre Pictures Producer and Writer
Sim Jin Lin

Producer / Writer

Roszameer Yaacob Ochre Pictures VFX producer and editor
Roszameer Yaacob

VFX Producer / Colorist

Liu Zhi Juan Ochre Pictures Editor
Liu Zhi Juan


Samuel Koh Ochre Pictures Editor
Samuel Koh


Cynthia Ang Ochre Pictures Accounts Admin
Cynthia Ang

Accounts Admin

Theresa Ang Ochre Pictures Resource and Admin Manager
Theresa Ang

Resource & Admin Manager

Clare Ong Ochre Pictures Website builder
Clare Ong

Website Builder

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